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Siembab Planning Associates provides a variety of services associated with the deployment of digital technologies. The following types of service are described:


Services for Getting Started with Cyber Strategy

Charrette Participant

The design charrette is frequently used as a process for identifying the values, needs, and interests of the stake-holding community that can be incorporated into the design features and operating policies of significant urban developments. However issues related to the cyber future of a community could and should also be included in the design charrette. Popular destinations for which virtual access could be developed, access to digital technology, use of technology for community purposes, and interest in some measure of community influence over public technology are examples. Read an example of Siembab Planning Associates contribution to the charrette for the Ed Roberts Campus planned for the Ashby Street stop in Berkeley on the BART system.

Educational Seminars

Seminars can be delivered to a group or a single person, onsite or over the Internet.

An Introduction to Regional Cyber Strategy
Audience: Regional planners, COG/MPO policy committees, transportation authorities, livable community and smart growth committees, county planners, regional economic development specialists, private developers, and regional transportation specialists.

Planning and Implementing an e-Village
Audience: Community-based organizations, city planners, local economic development specialists, and funding agencies such as philanthropic organizations and state departments of transportation.

Rights-of-Way and Fiber Networks for Transit Oriented Development
Audience: Rail transit authorities, MPOs, COGs, and private developers.

Network Stations: Toward an Effective Standard for Universal Service
Audience: Government policy-makers and community technology center governing boards, managers and staff.

Other presentations can be custom designed to meet client needs. In one situation, Mr. Siembab served as a "coach" to a newly promoted assistant city manager who was unfamiliar with the land use, economic and transportation implications of cyber development.

Cyber Profile

To most jurisdictions, cyber strategy is a new option. The Cyber Profile would be a good first-step for jurisdictions interested in determining their current state of cyber development and the potential for creating a cyber initiative.

A Cyber Profile examines the:

  • digital infrastructure
  • cyber characteristics and capabilities of key public institutions, private enterprises, and regional organizations
  • urban form - the relationship of existing bricks-and-mortar activity centers to public transportation systems, housing, and industry
  • current cyber initiatives that could serve as a foundation for a cyber strategy

The Cyber Profile will be conducted with some combination of the following strategic partners, depending on the situation:

  • Wallace, Roberts and Todd, LLC (WRT) of Philadelphia specializing in the design of the built environment.
  • GeoTel of Florida, providing network GIS.
  • JALA International of Los Angeles, specializing in all aspects of telework, specifically forecasting telework penetration levels and modeling telework impacts.

The Hudson County Cyber Profile was produced by WRT, SPA, and GeoTel.
Each Cyber Profile will be scaled to the size of the jurisdiction and the budget available.