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Transportation Networks in Hudson County

Published Articles

"Smart Sprawl Strategy: Because Smart Growth is Too Little Too Late," Walter Siembab,, August, 2005.
[PDF, 40K, 4 pages total]

"The Millennium City: Making Sprawl Smart Though Network Oriented Development." Scott Page, Brian Phillips, and Walter Siembab, Journal of Urban Technology, Volume 10, Number 3, December, 2003

"Retrofitting Sprawl: A Cyber Strategy for Livable Communities" in Cyber City Reader, Stephen Graham (editor), Routledge, 2003
[PDF, 121K, 9 pages total]

"Digital Broadband Networks for Economic Development and Mobility: A Bricks and Bits Strategy for Retrofitting Cities," with Tom O'Brien, Journal of Municipal Telecommunications, Number 1, Volume 1, June, 1999
[PDF, 45K, 15 pages total]

"A System of Public Transit for the Information Highway," Community Technology Review, Summer-Fall, 1999
[PDF, 99K, 4 pages total]

"A Telecommunications Strategy For Sustainable Cities," Walter Siembab and Bob Walter, Sustainable Cities: Concepts and Strategies for Eco-City Development, Bob Walter, Lois Arkin, Richard Crenshaw (eds), Eco-Home Media, 1992

"Institutional Mobility: A Cost-Effective Approach To Economic Growth and Environmental Protection," Walter Siembab and Tom Read, Western City, July 1992


A Policy Maker's Guide to Wi-Fi Networks
[PDF, 116K, 12 pages total]

Implementation Steps for Two Strategies Promoting Jobs/Housing Balance: Local Preference Housing & Shared Work/Communications Centers
[PDF, 70K, 18 pages total]

Riverdale e-Village Final Report, Siembab Planning Associates, April, 2003
- Executive Summary [PDF, 160K, 16 pages total]
- Vision Report [PDF, 214K, 38 pages total]
- Technical Report [PDF, 261K, 46 pages total]
Riverdale Network Station and eVillage Presentation [PDF, 588K, 29 pages total]

Hudson County Cyber Strategy
- Briefing Book [PDF, 692K, 40 pages total]
- Cyber Profile [PDF, 1.3M, 33 pages total]
- Action Plan [PDF, 1.1M, 32 pages total]
Hudson County Cyber Strategy presentation [PDF, 4.1M, 45 pages total]

"Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit Oriented Development: Prospects, Barriers and Best Practices," Walter Siembab, Stephan Graham, Malu Roldan, Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University, December, 2001.
Available free download from the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University at (Report #01-16).

Blue Line TeleVillage Demonstration Project, Final-Report, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, December, 1997
[PDF, 428K, 196 pages total]

Regional Action Partnership Shared Work Center/Telecommuting Committee Recommended Action Sacramento 2005 Demonstration Centers Project Description, January, 2000
[PDF, 31K, 9 pages total]

Telecommunications At The Ahmanson Ranch: Report On Opportunities, Ahmanson Land Company, 1996

Southeast Los Angeles County Teleconferencing Network Demonstration Project, Final Report, City of Lakewood, 1996

Telecommunications for Clean Air, Final Report 1994-95 -- Telework Facilities Exchange Demonstration Project, Institute for Local Self Government, 1995

Telecommunications for Clean Air, Final Report 1992-93 -- Teleconferencing Demonstration Projects, Institute for Local Self Government, 1994

METRO NET Fiber Optics and Metro Rail: Strategies for Development, Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (Now the MTA), 1992

Telecommunications Framework For Cities, ILSG, 1991

Telecommunications Issues for Local Government, ILSG, 1990

Conference Proceedings

"Public Transit on the Information Superhighway," A Compilation of Best Practices to Implement the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the National Regulatory Research Institute, April, 1999
[PDF, 132K, 7 pages total]

Stimulating Telework for the Millennium: Experience Implementing the TeleCity Strategy in Los Angeles, Telework '98, Proceedings of the 5th European Assembly on Teleworking and New Ways of Working, Published 1999
[PDF, 35K, 12 pages total]
- Questions & Answers [PDF, 11K, 3 pages total]

"Building TeleCity: Lessons from the Blue Line TeleVillage," Proceedings of the 3rd European Digital Cities Conference, published May, 1998
[PDF, 74K, 28 pages total]

"Sustainable Development In Southern California: TeleCity Strategy And The Blue Line TeleVillage Demonstration Project," Telework '95, Telework Practice And New Employment Opportunities, Proceedings of the 2nd European Assembly on Teleworking and New Ways of Working, published 1996

Charrette Contribution

Ed Roberts Campus Design Charrette, Organized by MIG Consulting, Berkeley California, April, 2000
[PDF, 130K, 7 pages total]